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On Social Proof That's Seamless

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Hey legend,

As you know, I'm a #geek when it comes to discovering and sharing tools that streamline how I run my digital business.

And when I hear from you that a tool I've recommended has made a massive difference in your life, then it's a sign that it'll do the same for everyone else in this community.

So this week, I'm putting the spotlight on - my new favourite tool to collect and publish testimonials seamlessly.

Collecting Social Proof

In the last few months, I've been sharing a bit of the behind-the-scenes of how I run the Storyteller Sprints during my 60-Second Standups.

For months, I was gathering testimonials as ad-hoc screenshots of Slack messages and DMs but wanted to find a more polished and organised process for capturing them.

After seeing many of my favourite creators using, I decided to get started with their free plan that lets you capture up to 15 testimonials.

This also inspired Michael Lim, one of our Storyteller Sprints alumni, to use it as a better system to consolidate the feedback he was receiving for his Medium articles, which to date, were scattered across:

  • Article comments
  • Email newsletter replies
  • LinkedIn DMs and comments
  • Instagram DMs and comments

And for the last few Sprints, he's been focused on increasing his email newsletter sign-ups, of which many are driven from the front page of his website.

Adding visible social proof near a sign-up form, or a check-out page, is an effective lever to increase the likelihood of your audience taking action.

"92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase"

Source: Vendasta

So he started collecting and organising his existing testimonials, and found it incredibly easy to start using.

For example - he added a sliding carousel to his website, just underneath the sign-up field.

And he also added a "Wall of Love" further down the page.

The results?

A significantly higher sign-up rate for his email newsletter :)

"I've also had some really good feedback and have turned into more testimonials just put on the website.
Ever since I started putting some testimonials up on my website, I've seen a sh*tload more conversions.

That social proof
goes a long way
So for anyone, Senja is well worth the investment"

- Michael Lim

What if you don't have a website? Or you can't embed the testimonials?

No sweat my friend.

Senja lets you create testimonial displays that are hosted on their domain, so you can link your audience directly to it.

When I launched my Digital Rebrand Masterclass product on the ConvertKit platform, I wasn't able to embed the testimonials onto the product's landing page.

So instead, I included a hyperlink in the description (circled in red below) which directs you to my own "Wall of Love".

So, if your testimonial collection process is disjointed, or just a #hotmess, throw in the mix as a more seamless way to collect testimonials.

I hope this serves you well and I'll see you in the next update,


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